A modern person most of the time lives in his head, and often, to reboot, only healing massage touches can help. The pleasant sensations that a man experiences during a session are transferred to other areas of his life. People who pay attention to their body and “unload” their head in time, achieve great success, get less sick and live longer. Today we will introduce you to the basics of erotic massage, which you can use in your home practice, with their help strengthen your alliance with your partner and help him feel better and more successful.

Erotic massage as an art

To learn this subtle mastery, first of all, should listen to yourself and concentrate on certain character traits. This will help to enter the desired sensual state, and then – to pass it on to your partner.

  • Patience. Erotic massage is a leisurely action, it involves the ability to surrender to the power of sensations and forget about time. The touch of a masseuse can be relaxing, exciting, erotic, but not hasty.
  • Aesthetic taste. Beauty is what makes an erotic massage for two such a pleasant and desirable action. This includes soft lighting, soft music, a tidy room and sweet, warm aromas that fill the entire space.
  • The right oil. To arouse desire, special aromatic formulations are often used, which make it easier to slide on the skin. However, one of the partners may not like the smells of the oils.In this case, it is better to use completely odorless products from specialized massage lines.

Often the intimate atmosphere of seduction is destroyed by the inappropriate mood of one of the partners. To prevent this from happening, leave some time for a little foreplay. Bathing together is great for this purpose. Surrender to the feeling of warmth and peace that the relaxing effect of water brings. This will help you forget about the worries of the past day, relax and fully experience the beauty of the moment. You can start an erotic massage even during foreplay, while you are surrounded by fragrant aromatic salts of water, and your hands are soaked in bath oil.
You can feel the healing effect of erotic massage in the “Imperia” salon. The professional techniques of excellent masseuses will help to restore strength and experience new sensations that give inspiration, health and energy for any accomplishment.

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