It is often more difficult for the fair sex to receive erotic pleasure than it is for men. This is due to social attitudes: they say, a woman should give a man pleasure, and she herself can wait. As a result, it is the girls who experience the greatest number of sexual blocks, which prevent them from revealing their own sensuality and the very femininity with which they delight their partners.

Today we will talk about how to make the perfect erotic massage for a woman in order to give her better health and nourish with energy that will open up a new level of sensuality and self-understanding for her.

How to prepare for an erotic massage for a girl

Unlike men, women need more time to get aroused and start getting the very pleasure that many erotic trainings promise. It is really important for a woman that everything coincides in the moment: the mood, the general atmosphere and the words that the partner uses to her. Most women are not as capricious as it is customary to joke about it – their resentment often hides a desire to feel special, unique and desirable. When a girl feels like that, she becomes calm, and in this state she is the most caring, flirtatious, light and sexy.

Knowing these features of the female psyche, you can make an erotic massage for a girl in the most pleasant and effective way.

  • Prepare the room. The room should be warm, but not stuffy. Dim the lights and take care that there are no extraneous odors, except for those that are directly aimed at creating the atmosphere: candles, incense sticks or fresh flowers.
  • Prepare the oil. Choose special formulations containing natural aphrodisiacs. You both should associate their scent with sensual intimacy, not cooking or caring for children. In addition, the girl will be flattered that her partner has even worried about specialized oil and will feel even more favored.
  • Prepare the girl. You should not pounce on a woman who just came from the store, cooked food, cleaned, and even just watched the series. On average, it takes about 10 minutes for a person to completely switch from one task to another. This time should be devoted to soft touches, compliments and kisses, and only after that – invite your partner to the room where the prepared action will take place.

What is the best erotic massage for a woman

While preparing for a massage, you can forget about the most important thing – about yourself. Erotic massage for a woman is not only physical contact, but also an exchange of energy, therefore, only those who are in a good mood and are in no hurry can give a girl real pleasure.

There is another way to find out on yourself what the best erotic massage is – to visit the “Imperia” salon, and on your own experience feel what pleasure professional sensual touches can give.

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