Women’s erotic energy has been a taboo topic for too long, which is why many women are afraid to demonstrate it. Together with everyday stress, hiding their own sexuality provokes a strong internal conflict in women, eating up vitality and giving rise to disappointment. You can get out of this circle if you give yourself some relief and release female energy in the most natural way – through getting pleasure. The VIP-massage salon for adults “Empire” invites you to feel the beauty of the influence of inner female strength and to sign up for an erotic massage for women. And for the pleasure of the process to be complete, we invite you to get acquainted with the main techniques that our masseuses use.

5 stunning erotic massage techniques for women

  1. Head massage is an excellent prelude before a full-fledged immersion in bliss. Such touches slow down the flow of endless thoughts, allow you to concentrate on the present and remove psychological barriers between the guest and the masseuse.
  2. Foot massage. Women’s feet, legs and thighs are an important erogenous zone. Skillful touches remove some of the clamps, relax muscles and make the guest feel desirable, seductive, and special.
  3. Lesbian massage. One or several masseuses can participate in it. It includes sensual touches with lips and tongue, from which your body will wake up and fill with desire, passion and feminine power that can make history.
  4. Aquamassage. Erotic in the shower is one of the most sensual techniques. Enveloping aromatic foam and caressing jets of water mix with the gentle touches of the masseuse. It is as if you find yourself in space – the rest of the world ceases to exist, time stops, there is only you, a gentle masseuse and your pleasure.
  5. Thai massage. Oriental surroundings, subdued light and the spicy touches of the masseuse in this technique act on every muscle in the guest’s body. The body begins to experience first unreal relaxation, and then – sensual excitement, the result of which is a powerful release. After such a session, it will simply not work out the same.

How a girl can sign up for an erotic massage

No matter how you try to muffle your natural instincts, this will not lead to anything good and healthy. Sensuality is a feminine power, and every woman is obliged to support and guide her, otherwise she will simply lose. We offer the most natural way to learn to manage your sensuality – to feel it, release it and enjoy…

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