Geisha were famous for their ability to give a man sensual relaxation through massage techniques filled with eroticism. Today they are popular among those couples who have been married for many years, have been able to maintain a warm relationship, but have lost their sexual spark. Erotic massage of a geisha will bring a wave of sensuality and desire into your relationship that will invariably strengthen your union.

Erotica in Japanese culture

Behind paper Japanese screens is a world of sensual erotica. For Eastern philosophy, the observance of certain rules, honed over the centuries and closely related to the erotic life, is characteristic. Many fans of Japanese culture catch themselves thinking that despite the strictness of the rules and the love of observance of rituals, you can find a huge number of sex guides here. This is because many Japanese traditions (including even the tea ceremony) aim to subtly arouse erotic desire.
Japanese sex play has a slow and formal start. It gives time for the formation of the desired mood, being in which, a person is able to receive more vivid pleasure.
There are other tricks that Japanese beauties still use to seduce a man:

  • bunch and stabbed with a long hairpin, thereby exposing the back of the neck. In Japanese culture, this is one of the most erotic areas of the female body.
  • Wearing silk. It is a delicate and sophisticated material that makes the body feel pleasant when touched.If you intend to bring more oriental aesthetics into your erotic life, get a silk or brocade robe not only for yourself, but also for your partner, so that he also enjoys the sensual touch of his clothes.
  • Communication without words. The gentle touch of a geisha is even more eloquent than the most poetic speech. The ability to arouse a partner without uttering a word is considered the highest sign of skill, which Japanese women have been learning for many years.

Erotic massage of a geisha, the techniques of which are used by the masseuses of the Empire salon, helps to relax not only physically, but also mentally. When clamps leave the muscles, and heavy everyday thoughts leave the head, feelings become aggravated, and erotic desire becomes clearer and stronger. Come to visit us for an erotic massage in Kharkov and feel all the beauty and wonderful restorative effect of touch, which will be presented by the skillful hands of the wonderful masseuses of our salon.

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