Japanese sexual culture has become a source of inspiration for many fans of erotic pleasure. It was Japan that gave the world the art of nuru massage – a special technique that brings unearthly pleasure. In the VIP-massage salon for adults “Empire” masseuses are fluent in this oriental manual art. Each girl brings her own special flavor to the process, however, the basics of the technique are the same for everyone. In this article, we will tell you what nuru massage is, how it works and why you should try it at least once in your life.

What is nuru massage

Nuru is Japanese for slippery, smooth. This technique is characterized by the closest bodily contact, however, without sexual intimacy. During a nuru massage, a special lotion or oil is applied to the guest’s skin. The masseuse slides her body over the naked body of her partner, thereby relieving stress even from hidden points.
One can argue for a long time that the soul is the main thing, but in an exhausted, eternally tense body, even the brightest emotions fade with time. Nuru massage, done by professional masseuses in a pleasant atmosphere, gives not just physical pleasure – it gives you the opportunity to reset your head, become lighter and more positive.

What sensations does nuru massage bring in “Empire”

The first stage of the massage resembles immersion in water.You are enveloped by the warmth and soft movement of the gentle but strong body of the masseuse, which seems to be carried away with the flow into the realm of sweet pleasure. We employ girls with perfected figures, whose touch saturates with bright feelings and delights the eye with the smoothness of feminine lines.

What you need for nuru massage at home

It is better to start any such procedure with a shower. It serves not only as a pleasant foreplay, but also as a great way to tidy up the body and prepare for close contact with a partner.
The atmosphere in the room where you will be giving the massage is of great importance:

  • The room should be warm so that the naked partner, who will lie motionless, covered with a layer of gel, does not feel discomfort.
  • The room must be well ventilated. The stuffiness includes defensive reactions that prevent you from concentrating on pleasant sensations.
  • A special gel is required. It contains algae extract, which has a calming effect on the skin.

Specialized oils are also suitable for nuru massage. There are formulations that are suitable exclusively for massage, some of them have a special mark that they are safe if swallowed. These oils are good for kissing. Quality products do not cause allergic reactions, have a neutral or subtle, unobtrusive aroma.

The best way to learn this exotic technique is to try it yourself. Come to us to experience the magic of nuru massage and its relaxing and transforming power. “Empire” guarantees – your body will fall in love with nuru massage from the first touch of our experienced masseuses.

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