About the fact that there are special substances that can affect the enhancement of libido, it has been known for more than a century. The art of erotic seduction came to Europe from the East, which is why most of the products that have established themselves as proven aphrodisiacs have an elegant oriental flavor. However, today science has stepped forward and the list of natural stimulants has been replenished. In this article, we will tell you what to include in the diet in order to maintain libido in yourself and your partner at the maximum level.

What foods are considered aphrodisiacs

In both men and women, testosterone is responsible for the appearance of erotic desire – a hormone that is considered to be male. It is present in hormonal levels of both sexes, just in women in not such a significant amount. Failure of the hormonal background provokes major malfunctions in the work of many functions, including sexual, and this affects the desire to please and attract the opposite background. That is why the best way to keep yourself “in shape” is to control your overall health.

When you feel good, but want to become even more attractive to the opposite sex and make every touch of your partner an exciting action, the following products will come in handy:

  • spices: saffron, ginger and ginseng root, black pepper, cinnamon;
  • from fruits, vegetables and berries: carrots, banana, strawberries, grapes, blueberries;
  • almost all types of nuts, except for peanuts;
  • dried fruits, in particular raisins;
  • honey and pollen.

It is noteworthy that a one-time use of products from the list will not give the desired effect. They should be included in the daily diet, then natural sexuality will become your constant companion.


Use energizing scents to make any intimacy with your partner even more enjoyable and exciting. If you decide to pamper your soul mate and make an erotic massage for men or women, which will be remembered for a long time and will bring new impressions to the relationship, during the session use scented candles with vanilla, ylang-ylang, bergamot or patchouli oils.

How to enhance the pleasure of erotic massage with aphrodisiacs

The most memorable sensations are brought by those processes that completely capture. This means that in order to achieve an amazing effect during erotic intimacy, you need to grab all the attention of your partner: make eye contact, tune in to a certain train of thought, accompany the action with a beautiful picture and, of course, do not forget about the aromas.

In our salon of erotic massage “Imperia” they know how to completely switch the attention of the guest from everyday thoughts to getting pleasure. And if our wonderful masseuses are engaged in the creation of a visual picture, erotic thoughts are also formed by the pleasant aroma of aphrodisiac oils, subdued light and the most delicate touch.

Relax in body and soul in the “Imperia” – in a place where even the most complex thought processes unravel, where the routine recedes into the background and where your pleasure lives.

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