Massage has been always and remains still one of the best ways to restore wasted energy, vigor and good mood. But you can count on all this only if you find a good masseur, most of whom do not work on their own but provide services in specialized massage or beauty salons. Let’s consider how to choose such an institution so that a visit to it would bring maximum positive emotions.

First of all, it is worth deciding what kind of massage you need. There are several basic types of massage:

  • Prophylactic;
  • Healing;
  • Sports;
  • Thai;

It is the erotic massage and the massage parlor in which such a service is provided that requires increased concerning when choosing. The fact is that increased requirements are always put forward for such establishments. The reputation of the institution, its legal status, requirements for sanitation and cleanliness, the professionalism of its employees and their health condition require attention.

Erotic massage is often carried out in full contact between the body of the masseuse and the client. So that’s why such strict requirements are imposed on it. Let’s consider them separately.

Salon Reputation Is the First Thing to Pay Attention to

We will immediately warn against visiting private masseuses providing services at home. Often, a banal brothel is hidden behind such ads. But the salon, where rooms for waiting and receiving customers are allocated, cleanliness and sterility are observed, is a completely different matter.

And customer reviews play a big role in the choice. If the massage saloon has its own website, it’s already a good sign. You can find out the price list, read the reviews of visitors on the guest page, see the masseuses in person. You can also use online review services. They probably contain interesting and truthful information about the massage salon you are interested in.

When making an appointment, specify the price, since it is not uncommon that, in addition to the payment for the massage, you also pay for the funds for it, sheets, towels personally to the masseur, although in theory this should either be included in the price or be free. And it is the first sign of a non-reliable parlor you should never trust.

The Legal Status of the Salon Is Also Important!

If you want to get a relaxation session in a place that is worth your attention, it will not be superfluous to inquire about the presence of a license to provide services in the salon. And if the masseuses also have a diploma in their profile, it’s generally excellent, because they will not only give you pleasure but will definitely be able to relax the muscles and raise the tone of the body.

Sanitary Standards Are the Main Thing!

In erotic massage parlors, during the session, the client’s sweat and sperm can be poured out. And, of course, after the visitor leaves, the room where the masseuse is receiving must be cleaned, disinfected and ready to receive a new client. Having looked into the massage room, evaluate the equipment, it should be convenient both for you, as a client, and for the specialist doing the massage. Disinfection should be here, although not thorough. Normally, it is a means for wiping couches, a quartz lamp. The air ozonizer will never be superfluous, making the microclimate in the office comfortable. It is better if you are provided with disposable towels and gowns unpacked by you yourself. Also, check how the shower and daybed look like. Are they clean? It’s definitely not worth risking your health in such a place.

And, of course, the Staff Is Important

If you are met by friendly administrators, masseuses that are not only smiling but also doing their job with high quality, that’s great. Why not because you trust the masseur, contact must be established. When studying the price list, pay attention to the number of positions, if there are less than 5, then, probably, there is no development in techniques, as well as the time of the service provided. There is also a comparison of prices, location, popularity of salons. Pay attention to the appearance of a masseuse. And we do not talk that she would necessary look like a top model or a beauty queen. Well, it will be a great option to the service, of course. But first of all, the masseuse should look neat, take a shower before you arrive, have clean hands and a neat manicure. If such masters work in the salon, this is a good sign.

You can find out if an erotic massage salon is right for you in advance just according to reviews. But it is much easier to try out the selected salon yourself. One session is enough to form your opinion about the chosen place.

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