Erotic massage is known to mankind for more than one hundred, but it entered our culture recently – it became possible to relax in a professional massage salon in the company of a beautiful girl without intimacy only ten to twenty years ago. Prior to this, society actively condemned such events, equating erotic services with sexual ones. In fact, there is a difference between intimacy and massage, however, sometimes you have to discuss these nuances separately in order not to get into an awkward situation.

What is the difference between erotic massage and relaxation

In traditional techniques, the masseur’s hands are the main tools. In erotic massage, the whole body is used, most often naked or covered with a minimum of clothing. Thus, the contact becomes more sensual, and during the session the guest gets pleasure not only from relaxing movements, but also from the contemplation of a beautiful masseuse, from communication with her.

What “tricks” are accompanied by the modern era -massage

In the last ten years erotic massage began to include relaxation. During the session, the guest rests physically, the internal processes in the body are getting better, the general muscle tone weakens, which makes it easier to open up to pleasant sensations. In our salon you can order a massage with relaxation and literally in an hour and a half transform your physical and emotional well-being.
Erotic massage often becomes part of a spectacular show that gives the guest a true aesthetic pleasure.Some of them are:

  • peep show, during which a guest can spy on a beautiful girl while she changes clothes, dances or does self-massage;
  • strip show – frank and a wonderful action, accompanied by undressing to the music;
  • body massage – performed by the whole body, which gives the guest a lot of pleasant tactile sensations.

Is it safe to come for an erotic massage in the salon

Some guests who are only considering the possibility of coming to an erotic massage parlor are worried about how safe it is for their health. In elite establishments, any intimacy is strictly suppressed – this is the main protection against the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. Plus, girls-masseurs monitor their well-being. They are constantly being tested and are often in better health than the average woman you can meet in a bar or club. Without good medical reports, masseuses are simply not allowed to work.

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