Many citrus fruits are natural aphrodisiacs. They, like some berries (such as strawberries or grapes), can increase sexual desire and improve emotional well-being. Hot oranges massage is an exotic technique. It has taken root in the world due to the particularly pleasant sensations that this warm fragrant fruit gives when in contact with the skin. However, in itself, it is quite simple and can be used not only in professional but also at home practice, and, of course, as part of erotic massage.

Features of massage with hot oranges

This technique belongs to the relaxing options with a slight erotic touch. Such practices can be found in spa salons or medical massage establishments, but in the hands of a skilled masseuse, hot oranges can be used as a prelude to intimacy or as part of an erotic show.

The main characters are a couple of oranges warmed up in hot water and dried with a towel. It is important to make sure that you and your partner are not allergic to this fruit even before starting your session.

Massage with oranges can be the first technique that prepares a partner for a further erotic adventure. You can do it with oil and even through a hot sheet – each case will have its own interesting effect.

Massage technique with oranges

Unlike classic relaxation techniques, massage with oranges can be started from almost anywhere. Most often, it begins with the most tired part of the body of a modern person – the buttocks. Those who sit a lot sooner or later begin to suffer from lymph congestion and other problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. In this case, massage with oranges is ideal. The shape of the fruit allows for deep massage movements on the gluteal muscles, and the increased temperature has an additional relaxing effect, removes clamps and gives a pleasant tactile sensation.

General massage scheme with hot oranges

  • Start with the lateral gluteus muscles, gradually working up towards the sacrum. Feel for two dimples on the left and right buttock – in these places the sciatic nerve passes, which often becomes the cause of painful sensations. The second important area is the upper gluteal dimples. They are located symmetrically on both sides from the beginning of the enlargement of the gluteal muscles. Massage these places especially carefully.
  • Climb the longitudinal muscles along the spine. Movement along the lower back should be as light as possible, not pressing.
  • Gentle sweeping movements along the spinal column have an excellent effect.
  • The finishing touch is a massage of the trapezius muscle at the base of the neck. It is convenient to work out this area when the partner is lying on his stomach, and his hands are folded under his head. This massage relieves tension in the shoulders and neck, which improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain cells and helps to cope with the problem of slouching.

The described technique is loved by the fair sex, which is why it is good to start erotic massage for women with just this option.

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