The longer people live together, the more difficult it is for them to surprise each other. But it is extremely pleasant to constantly discover in yourself new reasons to admire another person you have chosen. To keep the spark in your relationship alive for as long as possible, come up with new sources of shared pleasure.
One of the most powerful pleasures that a couple experiences at the same time and concerns only them is sexual. Today we will talk about how to diversify your personal life with the help of erotic “tricks” and give yourself and your partner another reason to adore you.

Erotica is an intrigue that needs to be learned to create

We offer 5 ways of eroticism and seduction, which will help both participants to get real pleasure from the process.

  1. Relaxing massage – we know everything about this wonderful technique. Imperia’s masseuses are fluent in classical and Thai massage skills that affect every muscle on the guest’s body. To maintain the spark in a relationship, the ability to relax and arouse your partner will do just fine.
  2. Peep show – this is the name of a special kind of dance, during which a girl slowly undresses, and a man spies on her. A peep show attracts all men, because it affects their basic instincts – sexual and militant (after all, a warrior must be not only strong, but also patient, observant).
  3. Lingam massage – touching the most intimate, intimate points on a man’s body. This is a special technique to learn. But having mastered it once, you can pamper a man with it with a comfortable frequency for both of you. Lingam massage conquers every male, he has no opponents, which means that every woman should learn to do it.
  4. Role-playing games. First of all, they add variety to intimate life, but this is far from the only reason to try them. During such a game, people begin to better understand themselves and their partner. Plus, this is a great chance to realize your common imagination, which means, to get both additional pleasure.
  5. BDSM is a type of role-playing games with elements of the use of force. This option is suitable for people who want to try new roles on themselves, fully trust their partner and dream of getting new indescribable sensations.

If you want to see all these gorgeous options in action, come visit us at Empire. Our masseuses will give you a fantastic massage with a level of sensuality that will lead you to unearthly pleasure.

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