Post-Soviet society has been swinging for decades, trying to free itself from the attitudes of the past. It is not easy for our person to accept the fact that pleasure is a normal part of life, and not something that is very rare and requires special secrecy. That is why erotic massage for a man and a woman for many is still a taboo topic. In practice, it turns out that this process is incredibly resourceful – it is an amazing way to increase intimacy and sensuality in a relationship. Today we will talk about how to get mutual pleasure during an erotic massage, forgetting about shame, fear and insecurity.

Where to start erotic massage

Classical techniques require adherence to a clear sequence, but erotic massage is a creative process. Even if you have never studied it, this does not mean that you will not be able to give your partner a pleasant sensation.

You can start the process from any position and place on the partner’s body. The main thing in an exciting massage for men and women is the attitude. Once you learn how to create and maintain it, the process will begin to bring unearthly pleasure to both of you.

How to create the mood for an unforgettable erotic massage

  • Understanding that there are no rules is the best basis for creating the right mindset. Ideally, any intimate game should be based on spontaneity and creativity, and not on a set of norms and criteria. Think of a stimulating massage as caressing your own body against your partner’s. The more relaxed and free you feel, the easier it is to have fun.
  • Create the right atmosphere. Some men do not pay attention to their surroundings, but for a woman, the atmosphere in the room is extremely important. To saturate your aesthetic sense, use energizing scents (for example, essential oils of ylang-ylang, patchouli, bergamot), aphrodisiac foods (strawberries, grapes, banana; oysters; chocolate, coffee; nuts, honey; red wine), sexy lingerie, twilight and complete privacy without distractions.
  • Pick up music. It is very easy to destroy the magic if the massage is interrupted by the creak of the bed or the crunch of your knees. All awkward sounds lead to the fact that some of you may become embarrassed, which means that you will not be able to completely relax. It is important that the music is as neutral as possible – do not choose works that evoke associations. If there are no ideas at all, then you can use the music that is usually played in supermarkets: it is unobtrusive, melodic and allows you not to be distracted from the process.

During a stimulating massage, do not dwell only on the intimate organs – any area of ​​the skin is permeated with a huge number of nerve endings. You need to find the places where stimulation is most enjoyable. This can only be done by practice, so do not be shy and put off pleasure for the future. Live in full force now, because the ability to have fun is perhaps one of the most sexually attractive personality traits of any person.

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