Body massage is a basic erotic massage technique that is done with the whole body. Body massage has a huge number of fans, because the larger the contact area between the bodies, the faster the partners get into contact and achieve their goal.

Erotic massage salon “Imperial” specializes in body massage – our masseuses are fluent in this technique and are ready to share the secrets of their skills.

Life hacks for the best body massage at home

It is not enough to prepare the atmosphere and free up the evening for an erotic action – you need to feel your partner’s body well. We offer 3 life hacks that both men and women like and that will make your body massage especially sensual.

  1. Alternate between gentle, relaxing movements with active and energizing ones. On average, each phase should not last more than 7-10 minutes. If you devote more time to the relaxation stage, then there is a danger that your partner will simply fall asleep. If you make too much effort, then he will forget that he is participating in an erotic action and will feel himself in a session with a chiropractor, which will extinguish the erotic energy by itself.
  2. Women like it when their partner touches their back with bare breasts during the massage. But special pleasure is given by the small load that her body is experiencing at this moment. Psychology is at work here. Uniform and relatively tangible pressure calms the psyche, creates a feeling of security and comfort from being dominated by a male partner dominating it. When a girl is in a similar state, she quickly relaxes and opens up to new sensations. There is a nuance: do not put pressure on the thoracic and lumbar regions of the back – this interferes with normal breathing. Apply pressure only to the area of ​​the shoulder blades and above, not forgetting the sensual kisses behind the ear.
  3. Men get great pleasure when a woman massages her back, barely touching the skin with her breasts. This sensual touch has an invigorating, stimulating effect on a man, which turns him on even more.

Come to us, to “Imperia”, to experience all facets of bliss while touching the hands, thighs and the whole body of a professional masseuse. Our girls will give you the most sensual and passionate massage that will help you completely relax and reboot.

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